Louisiana Film Museum
FILMOGRAPHY: 1898 - 1980

1898    City Hall

            Down in Dixie

            Loading a Mississippi Steamboat

            Mardi Gras Carnival (Documentary Short)

            Scene on the Steamship ‘Olivette’

            Torpedo Boat ‘Dupont’

            Way Down South


1902    Arrival of Rex (Documentary Short)

            Mardi Gras Parade (Documentary Short)

1912    The Darling of the C.S.A.
A silent, black & white, war romance.

                               Anna Q. Nilsson                         Agnes Lane 
                               Guy Coombs                               Captain Hunt, C.S.A.
                               Hal Clements                             Brig. General Morton, C.S.C.
                               Kenean Buel                               Film Director 
1912    A Mardi Gras Mix-Up     
            A silent, black & white, comedy romance.

                               Tom Moore                                Actor 
                               Lottie Pickford                           Actor 
                               Stuart Holmes                            Actor 
1912    The Belle of New Orleans

            A silent, black & white, comedy romance.

                               Tom Moore                                Actor 
                               Lottie Pickford                           Actor 
                               Gene Gautier                             Actor 

1914    Springtime


1915    Garden of Lies

            His Turning Point




1916    The Folly of Revenge


1917    Burn the Candle

            The Price She Paid


1918    Tarzan of the Apes 
            Elmo Lincoln Tarzan Brawny Lincoln is the original screen Tarzan. 
            A silent film well done and more faithful to the book than later versions.
                               Enid Markey                               Jane Porter 
                               True Boardman                          John Clayton, Lord Greystoke 
                               Kathleen Kirkham                       Alice Clayton, Lady Greystoke
                               George B. French                       Binns, a sailor 
                               Gordon Griffith                           Tarzan, younger
                               Colin Kenny                                Greystoke's nephew 
                               Thomas Jefferson                      Professor Porter 
                               Bessie Toner                              Bar Maid 
                               Jack Wilson                                Captain of the Fuwalda 
                               Scott Sidney                                Film Director 
1918    The Revelation

            Joline, a cabaret singer in Paris, models for her lover, painter Paul
            Granville. Paul becomes famous for his paintings of Joline in the guise
            of famous women like Cleopatra and Salome. But when he paints Joline
            as the Madonna, a miracle occurs which transforms her life and
            ultimately saves his.

                               Charles Bryant                            Paul Granville 
                               Alla Nazimova                             Joline 
                               Frank Prior                                  The Prior 
                               George D. Baker                         Film Director 

1918    Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Uncle Tom's Cabin was the most-filmed story of the silent film era.  This popularity was due to the continuing popularity of both the book and "Tom shows," meaning audiences were already familiar with the characters and the plot, making it easier for the film to be understood without spoken words. This 1918 version was directed and adapted by J. Searle Dawley. Also that year Marguerite Clark married New Orleans, Louisiana plantation owner Harry Palmerston Williams (1880-1936) with whom she would remain until his death. Their former mansion on St. Charles Avenue in Uptown New Orleans now houses the Milton Latter branch of the New Orleans Public Library.


                   Marguerite Clark                     Little Eva and Topsy

                   Sam Hardy                               Simon Legree

                   Florence Carpenter                 Eliza Harris

                   Frank Losee                             Uncle Tom

                   J. Searle Dawley                      Film Director

1919    John Petticoats

The Light


1920    The Sporting Duchess

            White Youth


1921    Millionaire for a Day


1923    The White Rose

1929    Evangeline

In Acadia, now part of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, young Evangeline is betrothed to Gabriel. But before their wedding can take place, the British imprison the men and send them into exile with their lands forfeit to the Crown. Evangeline follows the exiled men in hopes of finding her beloved, but even after he and the other Acadians are released in Louisiana, she cannot find him, always arriving at some locale just after he has departed. But she dedicates her life to searching the continent for the man she loves.


                   Dolores del Rio                       Evangeline

                   Roland Drew                           Gabriel

                   Alec B. Frances                       Father Felician

                   Edwin Carewe                         Film Director


1933    Repeal Bring Wet Flood! (Short Film)


1934    Dixieland (Documentary Short)

            Lazy River


1935    Naughty Marietta

Princess Marie de Namours de la Bonfain is a beautiful, young, sophisticated French princess of 23, who finds more worth in true love than a title. On the eve of her arranged marriage, to a Spanish-grandee, whom she doesn't love, her maid, Marietta comes to her to say farewell. Marietta is to leave that night on a cargo ship bound for New Orleans where she is to make a new life and find a husband. Princess Marie trades places with Marietta to escape her unwanted marriage and takes on the maid, Marietta's identity. While sailing, the cargo ship is taken hostage by pirates, but, Captain Richard Warrington and his mercenaries soon come to the rescue. Captain Warrington is quickly taken by the beautiful princess aka Marietta and she with him. But, he has no interest in marriage and she's afraid she might be recognized. Meanwhile in France, a search and reward is out for Princess Marie's whereabouts. Princess Marie's Uncle and fiancée soon discover that she is in New Orleans and sail for America. When they arrive Princess Maria's true identity is revealed. That eve, a elegant ball is thrown in her honor. Captain Warrington learns that the Princess will be sent back that night to France, but, he isn't going to let the women he loves get away that easy.


                   Jeannette MacDonald             Marietta

                   Nelson Eddy                            Captain Warrington

                   Frank Morgan                          Gov. Gaspar d'Annard

                   Hunt Stromberg                       Film Producer

                   W.S. Van Dyke                         Film Producer


1938    Jezebel

Jezebel was, in 1938, widely regarded as Warner Bros.’ “compensation” to Bette Davis for her losing the opportunity to play Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind. Resemblances to the two properties are inescapable: Jezebel heroine Julie Morrison is a headstrong Southern belle not unlike Scarlett (Julie lives in New Orleans rather than Georgia); she foolishly loves a man (played by Henry Fonda) who is betrothed to another; and she makes a public spectacle of herself by wearing an inappropriate red dress at a ball, just as Scarlett brazenly dances with Rhett Butler while still garbed in widow’s weeds. Bette Davis won an Academy Award for her portrayal of Julie Morrison; an additional Oscar went to Fay Bainter for her portrayal of the remonstrative Aunt Belle (she's the one who labels Julie a "Jezebel” at a crucial plot point). Jezebel was based on the old and oft-produced play by Owen Davis Sr.


                   Bette Davis                              Julie Morrison

                   Henry Fonda                            Preston Dillard

                   George Brent

                   William Wyler                         Film Director


1938    The Buccaneer

In the War of 1812, the British have sacked Washington and hope to capture New Orleans, where pirate Jean Lafitte romances blueblooded Annette de Remy and openly sells his loot in a pirates' market. But he never attacks American ships. Can the British bribe Lafitte to help them? Can Lafitte persuade American authorities of his loyalty? Will a love triangle between Annette and pretty Dutch girl Gretchen (survivor of a pirates' prize) bring about Lafitte's undoing?

Fredric March                          Jean Lafitte
Franciska Gaal                        Gretchen
                    Walter Brennan                      Ezra Peavey
Cecil B. DeMille                      Film Director

1939    The Cat and the Canary 
            Ten years have passed since the death of millionaire, Cyrus Norman.
            Cosby, Cyrus' attorney, has gathered Cyrus' six remaining relatives to
            his New Orleans' mansion for Cyrus' reading of the will. To the others
            disappointment, Joyce is the sole heir, but, due to a streak of insanity
            running in the family, a second will has been made in case Joyce falls
            victim to it. This puts Joyce in danger. Suddenly, Miss Lu, Cyrus' maid,
            appears and warns them that the spirits have told her that one of them
            will die that night. Following this, Hendrick, a prison guard, warns them
            that, "The Cat", a homicidal maniac has escaped.  This sets up Cyrus'
            relatives with a night filled with murders, mysteries and intrigue.

                            Bob Hope                                     Wally Campbell
                            Paulette Goddard                         Joyce Newman 
                            John Beal                                      Fred Blythe 
                            Elliot Nugent                                Film Director 




1940    Modern New Orleans (Documentary Short)

1940    Old New Orleans
(Documentary Short)

1941    Swamp Women

1941    The Flame of New Orleans
French farce comes to the New World in 1840 as Claire Ledoux convinces
            the middle-aged banker who is her fiancé that she is two different
            women -- a deception made necessary by the arrival of a man acquainted
            with the swath she cut across Europe. Giraud has been about to foreclose
            on a $150 loan made to a sea captain who needed the funds to court
            Claire. Get Claire's "cousin" out of New Orleans before the wedding,
            Giraud tells the sea captain and the debt will be paid.

Marlene Dietrich                        Countess Claire Ledoux, aka Lili
                            Bruce Cabot                                Robert Latour
                            Roland Young                             Charles Giraud
                            Mischa Auer                               Zolotov
                            Andy Devine                               Andrew, The First Sailor
                            Frank Jenks                                 Second Sailor 
                            Eddie Quillan                              Third Sailor 
                            Laura Hope                                 Crews Auntie 
                            Franklin Pangborn                       Bellows 
                            Theresa Harris                            Clementine, Claire's Maid 
                            René Clair                                   Film Director 



1942    Campus Capers (Short Film)


1944    The Mummy’s Curse


1947    New Orleans
            Great film set in New Orleans and featuring some of the greatest
            musicians in the history of jazz.

    Arturo De Cordova                      Nick Duquesne 

    Billie Holiday                              Endie (Miralee's maid) 
                Louis Armstrong                         Louis Armstrong 
                Arthur Lubin                                Film Director 


1948    Louisiana Story


1949    American Heritage of Hospitality (Documentary Short)


1950    Panic in the Street
The Black Death threatens New Orleans in this intense tale. When a body is found on the waterfront, a doctor (Widmark) is called upon for a diagnosis. The carrier proves to be deadly in more ways than one. Fine performances, taut direction - this was one of director Elia Kazan's favorite movies. This was filmed on location in New Orleans.


    Richard Widmark                    Lt. Cmdr. Clinton 'Clint' Reed M.D.

    Jack Palance                           Blackie 
                Barbara Bel Geddes               Nancy Reed 
                Paul Douglas                          Capt. Tom Warren 
                Zero Mostel                            Raymond Fitch 
                Elia Kazan                               Film Director 

1951    A Streetcar Named Desire
Set in the French Quarter of post WWII New Orleans, desperate and neurotic Blanche DuBois searches for someplace and someone to call her own when she is forced out of her hometown after trying to seduce a teenage boy whom she was teaching. What she finds is a wild town filled with characters more desperate than herself - namely the brutish Stanley who is in love with Blanche's sister Stella and deeply mistrusts Blanche and her shadowy past.

Vivien Leigh                            Blanche DuBois

    Marlon Brando                        Stanley Kowalski 
                Kim Hunter                              Stella Kowalski 
                Karl Malden                             Harold 'Mitch' Mitchell 
                Rudy Bond                               Steve 
                Nick Dennis                             Pablo Gonzales 
                Peg Hillias                               Eunice 
                Wright King                             A Collector 
                Richard Garrick                        A Doctor 
                Ann Dere                                 The Matron 
                Elia Kazan                                Film Director 


1952    Holiday for Sinners

            The Steel Trap


1953    Louisiana Territory

1953    Thunder Bay
            In 1946, ex-Navy engineer Steve Martin comes to a Louisiana town with
            a dream: to build a safe platform for offshore oil drilling. Having finessed
            financing from a big oil company, formerly penniless Steve and his
            partner Johnny are in business... and getting interested in shrimp-boat
            captain Rigaud's two lovely daughters. But opposition from the fishing
            community grows fast, led by Stella Rigaud. Other hazards include
            sabotage, a hurricane... and a treacherous board of directors.



                            James Stewart                         Steve Martin
                            Joanne Dru                              Stella Rigaud 
                            Gilbert Roland                         Teche Bossier 
                            Dan Duryea                             Johnny Gambi 
                            Jay C. Flippen                          Kermit MacDonald 
                            Marcia Henderson                   Francesca Rigaud 
                            Robert Monet                          Phillipe Bayard 
                            Antonio Moreno                      Dominique Rigaud 
                            Harry Morgan                          Rawlings 
                            Fortunio Bonanova                  Sheriff Antoine Chighizola 
                            Anthony Mann                         Film Director

1954    Naughty New Orleans

1955    Louisiana Hayride (Television Movie)

            Riot on Pier 6

            Pete Kelly’s Blues

            Swamp Women

            The First Hundred Days (Short Film)


1956    Nightmare


1957    Band of Angels


            Wonders of New Orleans (Short Film)


            Satchmo the Great

1958    Buccaneer
            A swashbuckling version of the adventures of pirate Jean LaFitte and
            his association with President Andrew Jackson during the War of
            1812. Remake of Cecille B. DeMille's 1938 production.

                            Yul Brynner                             Jean Lafitte

    Claire Bloom                           Bonnie Brown 
                Charles Boyer                         Dominique You 
                Inger Stevens                          Annette Claiborne 
                Henry Hull                               Ezra Peavey 
                E.G. Marshall                          Gov. William Claiborne 
                Charlton Heston                      Gen. Andrew Jackson 
                Lorne Greene                           Mercier 
                Ted de Corsia                          Capt. Rumbo 
                Douglass Dumbrille                 Collector of the Port 
                Anthony Quinn                         Film Director 


1958    Damn Citizen


1958    King Creole
The King as a teenager with a criminal record who becomes a successful pop singer in New Orleans but is threatened by his ties to crime, represented by Walter Matthau.
One of the better Elvis films, based on Harold Robbins' A Stone for Danny Fisher.  The is Elvis' last film appearance before his service in the Army.

    Elvis Presley                            Danny Fisher 

    Carolyn Jones                          Ronnie 
                Walter Matthau                      Maxie Fields 
                Dolores Hart                           Nellie 
                Dean Jagger                            Mr. Fisher 
                Liliane Montevecchi               Forty Nina 
                Vic Morrow                             Shark 
                Paul Stewart                            Charlie LeGrand 
                Jan Shepard                             Mimi Fisher 
                Brian G. Hutton                       Sal 
                Michael Curtiz                         Film Director

1958    Mardi Gras

This is a grade B musical with an implausible plot. Military cadets stage a raffle so one of them can go to the Mardi Gras and ask a French actress to be homecoming queen. Honestly! Is that not a stupid premise for a film? Pat Boone performs with complete lack of passion. Tommy Sands and Gary Crosby are incredibly obnoxious sidekicks and the Oscar-nominated song score (Bourbon Street Blues, Shenandoah, What Stonewall Jackson Said, Mardi Gras, Just Like The Pioneers, Bigger Than All Of Texas, That Man, Loyalty, I'll Remember Tonight) has only one gem in it (the love song I'll Remember Tonight) - Newman was nominated both for the song score and the jazzy, New Orleans type background scoring which ranges from mediocre to serviceable. The only things going for it are the pastel tones of the DeLuxe Color and the charming, natural and delightful performance of Christine Carere as the French actress. She is fresh and natural in the Leslie Caron style and is the only thing worth watching the film for these days. She made only 21 movies before retiring from film in 1966. Unless you are a Pat Boone fan (and this is far from his best), don't bother.


                            Pat Boone                                Pat Newell

                            Christine Carère                      Michelle Marton 
                            Tommy Sands                          Barry Denton 
                            Sheree North                           Eadie 
                            Gary Crosby                             Tony Runkle 
                            Fred Clark                                Curtis 
                            Dick Sargent                            Dick Saglon 
                            Barrie Chase                           Torchy 
                            Jennifer West                          Sylvia 
                            Geraldine Wall                        Ann Harris 
                            Edmund Goulding                    Film Director 


1958    New Orleans after Dark

            The Invisible Avenger

1958    The Long, Hot Summer
            Ben Quick arrives in Frenchman's Bend, MS after being kicked out of another
            town for allegedly burning a barn for revenge. Will Varner owns just about
            everything in Frenchman's Bend and he hires Ben to work in his store. Will 
            thinks his own son, Jody, who manages the store, lacks ambition and 
            despairs of him getting his wife, Eula, pregnant. Will thinks his daughter, 
            Clara, a schoolteacher, will never get married. He decides that Ben Quick 
            might make a good husband for Clara to bring some new blood into the 
            family. Written by William Faulkner.

Paul Newman                          Ben Quick

                Joanne Woodward                  Clara Varner

                Orson Welles                          Will Varner

                Anthony Franciosa                  Jody Warner

                Lee Remick                             Eula Varner

                Angela Lansbury                     Minnie Littlejohn

                Martin Ritt                              Film Director

1958    Windjammer: The Voyage of the Christian Radich (Documentary)

1959    Louisiana Hussy
Brothers Pierre and Jacques Guillot are partners in trading furs and Spanish Moss and Jacques is mad at his brother because Pierre is about to marry Lily and Jacques thought he had the inside track on her.  Jacques refuses to attend the wedding, and is out gathering moss with his assistant Cob when Callie, an old Gris-Gris woman, leads them to where she has found a badly beaten and unconscious young woman.  They take her to Doc Opie just as Pierre and Lily are being escorted to their new home by friends following their wedding. Later, Minette tells him that Pierre had forced his attention on her while she was ill. Jacques moves her into his shack to protect her from Pierre. The doctor brings Pierre and Lily a New Orleans newspaper showing a very beautiful woman identified as Mrs. Minette Lanier who had recently committed suicide in the neighboring exclusive community of Grange Hill. They go to New Orleans and look up Clay Lanier, who has been on a prolonged binge ever since his wife's suicide. His servant, Burt, tells them that the real Minette had been crippled after falling off a horse, and Clay had brought Nina Duprez to his home as a companion for Minette. Nina is more interested at being Clay's companion and pulls a few tricks and incidents that convinces Minette that Clay is carrying' on with Nina, and she commits suicide. Clay knows her suicide was engineered by Nina, almost kills her and tries to kill himself, but Burt interferes and, during the fight, Nina manages to escape and collapses from the beating and exhaustion at the spot where Callie found her. Clay sobers up and decides he will go after Nina and finish the job.

    Nan Peterson                          Nina Duprez, alias Minette Lanier

    Robert Richards                      Pierre Guillot 
    Peter Coe                                Jacques Guillot 
    Betty Lynn                               Lili Guillot 
    Howard Wright                       Cob 
    Harry Lauter                            Clay Lanier 
    Helen Forrest                          Callie, the Gris-Gris Woman
    William Rowland                    Film Director 
    Lee Sholem                             Film Director 

1959    The Alligator People

1959    The Horse Soldiers
            An 1863 Union cavalry officer is sent 300 miles into Confederate territory
            to destroy a railroad junction and is accompanied by a fellow officer who
            is also a pacifist doctor. Based on a true Civil War story.

    John Wayne                           Col. John Marlowe 

    William Holden                      Maj. Henry 'Hank' Kendall 
                Constance Towers                 Miss Hannah Hunter of Greenbriar 
                Judson Pratt                           Sgt. Maj. Kirby 
                Hoot Gibson                           Sgt. Brown 
                Ken Curtis                              Cpl. Wilkie 
                Willis Bouchey                       Col. Phil Secord 
                Bing Russell                           Dunker, A Yankee Soldier Amputee 
                O.Z. Whitehead                      Otis 'Hoppy' Hopkins 
                Hank Worden                         Deacon Clump 
                John Ford                                Film Director 


1959    The Sound and the Fury

Loosely based on the William Faulkner novel, this movie follows the lives and passions of the Compsons: a once-proud Southern family now just barely scraping by both financially and emotionally. Howard passes the time in a bottle; his brother Bengy is child in a man's body; sister Caddy has come crawling home after years of being kept by a string of "admirers". Only Jason, the cruel, cold-hearted adopted head of the family, and Quentin, who was abandoned at birth by Caddy, have the fire and the fury needed to put the family back on its feet again.


1960    Coronado 9 (Television Series)

            Desire in the Dust


1961    Blood of the Zombie


1962    The Wacky World of Dr. Morgus

            Walk of the Wild Side


1963    Girls in Trouble

1963    Toys in the Attic
            A man returns to his home in New Orleans with his child bride, where
            they will live with his two impoverished, spinster sisters. A toned-down
            version of the Lillian Hellman play.

                            Dean Martin                            Julian Berniers
Geraldine Page                       Carrie Berniers 
                            Yvette Mimieux                       Lily Prine Berniers 
                            Wendy Hiller                           Anna Berniers 
                            Gene Tierney                          Albertine Prine 
                            Nan Martin                             Charlotte Warkins 
                            Larry Gates                             Cyrus Warkins 
                            Frank Silvera                           Henry Simpson, the Chauffeur 
                            Charles Lampkin                     Gus, Handyman 
                            George Roy Hill                       Film Director 

1964    Hush… Hush, Sweet Charlotte
            Charlotte Hollis, wealthy southern spinster, is shunned by her community for
            the grisly murder some 40 years prior of her intended, John Mayhew. Even 
            though her guilt in the matter was never proven, the townspeople liken her 
            to a modern-day Lizzie Borden. The murders are similar in nature and the 
            children even taunt her with cruel rhymes. For this reason she lives a life 
            secluded from the mainstream of society. Her needs are cared for by her 
            faithful servant, Velma. Now, progress in the guise of new highway 
            construction threatens the Hollis plantation, her home and the family 
            domicile since Civil War times. She refuses to leave when she is issued an 
            eviction notice by the Sheriff and even takes pot shots at the highwaymen 
            when they encroach upon her property line. Charlotte summons "Cousin 
            Miriam" to fight the public battle to save her home. To her chagrin, Miriam 
            has come with the intention of assisting with the packing -- not to save the 
            mansion from the bulldozers. After Charlotte, Miriam is the sole heir to the 
            Hollis estate. This is motive enough for Miriam to have Charlotte committed 
            for her strange and reclusive behavior. But, is Charlotte insane? Doctor Drew 
            seems to feel she may need some help across the threshold of insanity.

                            Bette Davis                              Charlotte Hollis
                                     Olivia de Havilland                  Miriam Deering 
                            Joseph Cotten                          Dr. Drew Bayliss 
                            Agnes Moorehead                   Velma Cruther 
                            Cecil Kellaway                         Harry Wills 
                            Victor Buono                            Samuel Eugene "Big Sam" Hollis 
                            Mary Astor                               Mrs. Jewel Mayhew 
                            Wesley Addy                            Sheriff Luke Standish 
                            William Campbell                    Paul Marchand 
                            Bruce Dern                               John Mayhew 
                            Robert Aldrich                          Film Director

Days of Our Lives (Television Series)

1965    The Cincinnati Kid
            "The Cincinnati Kid" (McQueen) is hustling card games in New Orleans
            when he comes up against the veteran cardshark Lancey Howard
            (Robinson). During a marathon card game, Kid notices dealer Shooter
            (Malden) is throwing the game his way but he only wants to win fair and
            square. Conventional fare, with Ann-Margaret around for some
            conventional romance, helped along by serviceable performances and
            some stunning cinematography.

    Steve McQueen                       Eric Stoner “The Cincinnati Kid”

    Edward G. Robinson                Lancey Howard 
                Ann-Margret                            Melba Nile 
                Karl Malden                             Shooter 
                Tuesday Weld                         Christian Rudd 
                Joan Blondell                           Lady Fingers 
                Rip Torn William                      Jefferson Slade 
                Jack Weston                             Pig 
                Cab Calloway                           Yeller 
                Jeff Corey                                 Hoban

Run For Your Wife

1966    Alverez Kelly
Offbeat western with Holden as the Mexican-Irish Kelly who has just sold
            a herd of cattle to the
North during the Civil War. Confederate officer
            Widmark kidnaps Holden in an effort to have
the cattle redirected to the
            South. Aided by the traditional women in the midst of men intent on
double-crossing each other, a fierce hatred develops between the two,
            erupting into violence.
Sleepy performance by Holden is countered by an
            intensive Widmark. Based on a true Civil War
incident, the script
            occasionally wanders far afield with the cattle, who cleverly heighten the
xcitement by stampeding.

                            William Holden                        Alvarez Kelly
Richard Widmark                     Col. Tom Rossiter 
                            Janice Rule                               Liz Pickering 
                            Patrick O'Neal                          Maj. Albert Steadman 
                            Victoria Shaw                           Charity Warwick 
                            Roger C. Carmel                       Capt. Angus Ferguson 
                            Richard Rust                             Sgt. Hatcher 
                            Arthur Franz                              Capt. Towers 
                            Don 'Red' Barry                        Lt. Farrow 
                            Duke Hobbie                             John Beaurider 
                            Edward Dmytryk                       Film Director

1966    Nevada Smith
The half-breed Nevada Smith (previously introduced in Harold Robbins'
            story "The
Carpetbaggers" and film of same name) seeks the outlaws
            who killed his parents. Standard
western plot, characters.  This was
            remade later as a TV movie.

                            Steve McQueen                        Nevada Smith/Max Sand/Fitch
                            Karl Malden                              Tom Fitch 
                            Brian Keith                                Jonas Cord 
                            Arthur Kennedy                         Bill Bowdre 
                            Suzanne Pleshette                    Pilar 
                            Raf Vallone                               Father Zaccardi 
                            Janet Margolin                          Neesa 
                            Pat Hingle                                 Big Foot
                            Howard Da Silva                       Warden of work camp 
                            Martin Landau                          Jesse Coe
                            Henry Hathaway                       Film Director 

1966   This Property is Condemned
            It's a hot time down south once again in this adaptation of the Tennessee
            Williams play. Wood is the overly flirtatious southern charmer who takes
            a shine to the latest tenant of her loathsome mama's boardinghouse. And
            since it's Redford, who can blame her. Things steam up when he returns
            her interest but there's trouble a'brewin'. Both leads are lovely but the
            film itself is overly southern-fried. Williams was reportedly unhappy with
            the script and wanted his name removed from the film.



    Natalie Wood                            Alva Starr

    Robert Redford                          Owen Legate 
                Charles Bronson                        J. J. Nichols 
                Kate Reid                                   Hazel Starr 
                Mary Badham                            Willie Starr 
                Alan Baxter                                Knopke 
                Robert Blake                              Sidney 
                Dabney Coleman                       Salesman 
                John Harding                              Johnson 
                Ray Hemphill                             Jim 
                Sydney Pollack                           Film Director 


1967    Hot Thrills and Warm Chills

1967    Hotel Rod

A pale rehash of the "Grand Hotel" formula about an array of rich
            characters interacting in a
New Orleans hotel. From the Arthur Hailey
            potboiler; basis for the TV series.

    Catherine Spaak                          Jeanne 
                Taylor Peter                                McDermott

                            Karl Malden                                Keycase 
                            Melvyn Douglas                          Warren Trent 
                            Merle Oberon                             The Duchess 
                            Richard Conte                             Dupree 
                            Michael Rennie                           Duke of Lanbourne 
                            Kevin McCarthy                           O'Keefe 
                            Carmen McRae                           Christine 
                            Alfred Ryder                                Capt. Yolles 
                            Richard Quine                             Film Director 
1967    Hurry Sundown

A ruthless up and coming Southerner is determined to buy up the tracts
            of land that border his
land - one owned by his cousin, the other by a
            black man.

                            Michael Caine                             Henry Warren

    Loring Smith                                Thomas Elwell 
                Peter Goff                                    Lipscomb 
                Jane Fonda                                  Julie Ann Warren 
                George Kennedy                          Sheriff Coombs 
                John Phillip Law                           Rad McDowell 
                Luke Askew                                  Dolph Higginson 
                Robert Hooks                               Reeve Scott 
                Beah Richards                             Rose Scott 
                Burgess Meredith                        Judge Purcell 
                Otto Preminger                            Film Director 

1968    The Exotic Ones



1969    Easy Rider
            Slim-budget, generation-defining movie. Two young men (Billy and Wyatt) in
            late 1960s undertake a motorcycle trek throughout the Southwest in search 
            of the real essence of America. Along the way they encounter hippies, 
            rednecks, prostitutes, drugs, Jack Nicholson, and tragedy. One of the highest-
            grossing pictures of the decade, and undoubtedly an influence on two 
            generations of youth-oriented dramas, which all tried unsuccessfully to 
            duplicate the original accomplishment.  Psychedelic scenes and a great role 
            for Nicholson are added bonuses. Look for the graveyard dancing scene in 
            New Orleans. Easy Rider features one of the best '60s rock scores around, 
            including Mean Streets and The Wanderers.

    Dennis Hopper                        Billy 
                Peter Fonda                             Wyatt

                            Jack Nicholson                        George Hanson

    Antonio Mendoza                    Jesus 
                Phil Spector                             Connection 
                Mac Mashourian                     Bodyguard 
                Warren Finnerty                      Rancher 
                Tita Colorado                          Rancher's Wife 
                Luke Askew                             Stranger on Highway 
                Luana Anders                          Lisa 
                Sabrina Scharf                         Sarah 
                Dennis Hopper                        Film Director 


1969    Night of the Bloody Horror
Wesley goes out on a killing spree while experiencing the nightmares of
his brother, who was murdered 13 years ago.


    Gerald McRaney                     Wesley Stuart

                Gaye Yellen                             Angelle Miliot 
                Michael Anthony                     Mario Spanelli 
                Lisa Sameron                           Susan Collins 
                Joy N. Houck Jr.                       Film Director 


1969    Number One

The story of Cat Catlan (Heston), a washed up quarterback who turns to drink and women to solve his problems. But he soon discovers that his problems are just beginning.


                Charlton Heston                      Ron (Cat) Catlin

                Tom Gries                                Film Director

1969    Slaves
A Kentucky slave (Ossie Davis) fights for his freedom from cruel overseer (Stephen Boyd) whose mistress (Dionne Warwick) eventually joins Davis and the other slaves in their revolt. Co-written and directed by blacklisted Herbert J. Biberman ("Salt of the Earth"). This is Gale Sondergaard’s (Biberman’s blacklisted wife) first film in 20 years.

Dionne Warwick                      Cassy

                            Ossie Davis                              Luke 
                            Barbara Ann Teer                     Esther 
                            David Huddleston                    Holland 
                            James Heath                            Luther 

    Stephen Boyd                           MacKay 
                Herbert J. Biberman                 Film Director


1969    The Undefeated

A Confederate and Yankee find they must team up on the Rio Grande.
They attempt to build new lives in the Spanish held Mexico territory, but
are caught in the battle for Mexican independence. Standard fare made
palatable only by Wayne and Hudson.

    John Wayne                              Col. John Henry Thomas

    Rock Hudson                             Col. James Langdon 
    Antonio Aguilar                         Juarista Gen. Rojas 
    Roman Gabriel                          Blue Boy 
    Marian McCargo                       Ann Langdon 
    Lee Meriwether                         Margaret Langdon 
    Merlin Olsen                             Cpl. Little George, CSA 
    Melissa Newman                      Charlotte Langdon 
    Bruce Cabot                              Sgt. Jeff Newby CSA 
    Jan-Michael Vincent                 Lt. Bubba Wilkes CSA 
    Andrew V. McLaglen                 Film Director 


1969    The Witchmaker

1970    Last of the Mobile Hotshots
The screenplay by Gore Vidal is based on the Tennessee Williams play
The Seven Descents of Myrtle.  Myrtle and Jeb are newlyweds who
married on a television show shortly after meeting. They return to Jeb's
ancestral home, a decaying mansion occupied by his multiracial half-
brother Chicken. Myrtle shuttles back and forth between the two men
while all their sordid pasts unfold via a series of flashbacks.

    James Coburn                             Actor

    Lynn Redgrave                           Myrtle 
    Perry Hayes                                George 
    Robert Hooks                             Chicken 
    Reggie King                                Rube 
    Sidney Lumet                              Film Director 

1970    The Family
            As a New Orleans hit-man who resists joining the mob, Bronson initiates
            an all-out war on the syndicate and its boss, played by Savalas.  A poorly
            dubbed Italian action film.

    Charles Bronson                         Actor

                            Jill Ireland                                   Actor 
                            Telly Savalas                              Actor 
                            Sergio Sollima                            Film Director 
1970    WUSA
            Rheinhardt, a cynical drifter, gets a job as an announcer for right-wing
            radio station WUSA in New Orleans. Rheinhardt is content to parrot
            WUSA's reactionary editorial stance on the air, even if he doesn't agree
            with it. Rheinhardt finds his cynical detachment challenged by a lady
            friend, Geraldine, and by Rainey, a neighbor and troubled idealist who
            becomes aware of WUSA's sinister, hidden purpose. And when events
            start spinning out of control, even Rheinhardt finds he must take a stand.

    Paul Newman                             Rheinhardt

    Joanne Woodward                      Geraldine 
                Anthony Perkins                          Rainey 
                Laurence Harvey                         Farley 
                Pat Hingle                                   Bingamon 
                Cloris Leachman                         Philomene 
                Michael Anderson Jr.                  Marvin 
                Jesse Vint                                    Young Doctor 
                Stuart Rosenberg                        Film Director 

1971    Goodbye Uncle Tom


1971    The Beguiled

During the Civil War a wounded Union soldier is taken in by the women at a girl's school in the South. He manages to seduce both a student and a teacher, and jealousy and revenge ensue.  Decidedly weird psychological melodrama from action vets Siegel and Eastwood.

    Clint Eastwood                         Cpl. John McBurney

    Geraldine Page                        Martha Farnsworth 
    Elizabeth Hartman                   Edwina 
    Jo Ann Harris                            Carol 
    Darleen Carr                             Doris 
    Mae Mercer                             Hallie 
    Pamelyn Ferdin                        Amelia ('Amy') 
    Melody Thomas                       Scott Abigail 
    Peggy Drier                              Lizzie 
    Patricia Mattick                        Janie 
    Don Siegel                                Film Director


1972    America (Television Documentary Series)
            Dan’s Dirty Women
Moon of the Wolf (Television Movie)



1972    Quadroon
A story of love, lust, violence and murder on a sadistic southern
plantation during the slave era.

    Kathrine McKee                        Coral

                            Tim Kincaid                               Caleb 
                            Robert Priest                             Antoine 
                            Madelyn Sanders                      Celeste 
                            George Lupo                             Dupree 
                            Marinda French                        Aunt Nancy 
                            Bill McGhee                              Jacques 
                            David Snow                               Felix 
                            Herbert Janneke Jr.                   Film Director 
                            Jack Weis                                  Film Director 

1972    Sounder

The struggles of a family of black sharecroppers in rural Louisiana during the Depression. When the father is sentenced to jail for stealing in order to feed his family, they must pull together even more, and one son finds education to be his way out of poverty. Tyson brings strength and style to her role, with fine help from Winfield. Moving and well made, with little sentimentality and superb acting from a great cast. Adapted from the novel by William Armstrong.

                Cicely Tyson                             Rebecca Morgan

    Paul Winfield                            Nathan Lee Morgan 
                Kevin Hooks                              David Lee Morgan 
                Carmen Mathews                     Mrs. Boatwright 
                Taj Mahal                                 Ike 
                James Best                               Sheriff Young 
                Eric Hooks                                Earl Morgan 
                Yvonne Jarrell                           Josie Mae Morgan 
                Teddy Airhart                           Mr. Perkins 
                Martin Ritt                                Film Director 

1972    The Legend of Boggy Creek

            A documentary-style drama which questions the existence of a monster in an Arkansas swamp. It is really more of a glimpse at lower-class swamp culture from the seventies, though, than a monster flick.


                            Charles B. Pierce                    Film Director


1973    Bond 1973: The Lost Documentary (Documentary Short)  

            Lonesome Gun


1973    Live and Let Die
Agent 007 (Moore) is out to thwart the villainous Dr. Kananga (Kotto), a black mastermind who plans to control western powers with voodoo and hard drugs. He's aided by psychic tarot-reading virgin Solitaire (Seymour), who falls prey to Bond's charms. This is Moore's first appearance as Bond in the 8th film in the series. The title song by Paul McCartney and Wings.

Roger Moore                            James Bond

    Yaphet Kotto                            Kananga/Mr. Big 
                Jane Seymour                           Solitaire 
                Clifton James                           Sheriff J.W. Pepper 
                Julius Harris                             Tee Hee 
                Geoffrey Holder                       Baron Samedi 
                David Hedison                          Felix Leiter 
                Gloria Hendry                           Rosie Carver 
                Bernard Lee                             
                Lois Maxwell                            Miss Moneypenny 
                Guy Hamilton                           Film Director 


1973    Nightmare Honeymoon
Sadistic low-budget thriller about newlyweds Dack Rambo and Rebecca
Danna Smith who are pursued and terrorized by a pair of rural killer
rapists. One of the psychos is John Beck from the '60s rock group the
Leaves ("Hey Joe").  Nicholas Roeg ("Don't Look Now"), the original
director, was replaced by Elliott Silverstein after five days of shooting.
The music is by Elmer Bernstein.

    Dack Rambo                             David

    John Beck                                 Lee 
    Jim Boles                                  Uncle Everett 
    Dennis Burkley                         Bubba 
    Rebecca Dianna                       Smith Jill 
    Elliot Silverstein                       Film Director

1973    Tennessee Williams' South (Television Documentary) 


1974    Gator Bait
            Desiree lives deep in the swamp and supports herself and her siblings by
            poaching. Ben and Deputy Billy hope to get a little sexual comfort from
            the "Cajun swamp rat" when they catch Desiree trapping 'gators, and give
            chase. Desiree outsmarts them but Billy accidentally shoots Ben and tells
            his sheriff dad that Desiree did it. Ben's dad and sons join them in the
            search party and quickly get out of control. Soon the hunters become the
            hunted as Desiree exacts her revenge for their violence against her family.

    Claudia Jennings                      Desiree Thibodeau

    Sam Gilman                              T.J. Bracken 
    Douglas Dirken                         Leroy Bracken 
    Beverly Sebastian                     Film Director

    Ferd Sebastian                          Film Director 

1974    The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman (Television Movie)
            Winner of nine Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Drama of the 
            1973-74 season, this was one of the most acclaimed TV movies ever,
            highlighted by Cicely Tyson's Emmy-winning performance as the
            (fictional) woman who was born into slavery in the 1850s and lived to see
            the Civil Rights movement a century later. Director John Korty and writer
            Tracy Keenan Wynn also received Emmy Awards. Additionally, they won
            the Directors Guild of America and Writers Guild of America awards,
            respectively, and the film was given the prestigious Christopher Award.


    Cicely Tyson                              Jane Pittman
                Odetta                                       Big Laura 
                Josephine Premice                    Madame Gautier 
                Ted Airhart                                Sheriff Guidry 
                Sidney Arroyo                            Tee-Bob 
                Michael Murphy                        Quintin Learner 
                James Goodman                        Mr. Clyde 
                John Korty                                  Film Director

1975    Hard Times
A Depression-era drifter becomes a bare knuckle street fighter, and a gambler decides to promote him for big stakes. This is one of grade-B meister Hill's first genre films.  A quiet, evocative drama. 

    Charles Bronson                      Chaney

                            James Coburn                          Spencer 'Speed' Weed 
                Jill Ireland                                Lucy Simpson 
                Strother Martin                        Poe 
                Margaret Blye                          Gayleen Schoonover 
                Michael McGuire                     Chick Gandil 
                Felice Orlandi                          LeBeau 
                Edward Walsh                         Pettibon 
                Bruce Glover                            Doty 
                Robert Tessier                         Jim Henry 
                Walter Hill                               Film Director 


1975    Keep Off My Grass!

1975    Let's Do It Again
            Atlanta milkman and his pal, a factory worker, milk two big-time gamblers
            out of a large sum of money in order to build a meeting hall for their
            fraternal lodge.  Lesser sequel to "Uptown Saturday Night."

    Sidney Poitier                           Clyde Williams

    Bill Cosby                                 Billy Foster 
    Calvin Lockhart                        Biggie Smalls 
    John Amos                                Kansas City Mack 
    Jimmie Walker                          Bootney Farnsworth 
    Ossie Davis                              Elder Johnson 
    Denise Nicholas                       Beth Foster 
    Lee Chamberlin                        Dee Dee Williams 
    Mel Stewart                              Ellison 
    Julius Harris                              Bubbletop Woodson 
    Sidney Poitier                            Film Director 


1975    Mandingo
Overheated Southern-fried tale of slavery in the Deep South, circa 1840, dealing with the tangled loves and hates of a family and their slaves. Heavyweight boxer Norton made his screen debut in the title role as the slave who makes his master money with his boxing prowess. King is the wastrel son who makes Norton's wife, another slave, his mistress.  Followed by 1975's Drum.  Mandingo is based on the novel by Kyle Onstott.

                James Mason                          Warren Maxwell

    Susan George                          Blanche Maxwell 
                Perry King                                Hammond Maxwell 
                Richard Ward                          Agamemnon 
                Brenda Sykes                           Ellen 
                Ken Norton                              Mede 
                Lillian Hayman                        Lucrezia Borgia 
                Roy Poole                                Doc Redfield 
                Ji-Tu Cumbuka                         Cicero 
                Ben Masters                            Charles 
                Richard Fleischer                     Film Director 


1975    Psycho from Texas

Saturday Night Live (Television, Episode #2)

1975    The Deadly Tower (Television Movie)
            A vivid re-creation of the Texas Tower massacre of August 4, 1966, during
            which disturbed student Charles Whitman holed up with a gun in the
            tower of the University of Texas and began firing on people below, killing
            thirteen and wounding thirty-four.

                            Kurt Russell                              Charles Whitman

    John Forsythe                           Lieutenant Elwood Forbes 
    Ned Beatty                               Allan Crum 
    Pernell Roberts                        Lieutenant Lee 
    Jerry J. Jameson                       Film Director 

1975    The Drowning Pool

            Newman returns as detective Lew Harper (of ""Harper"" by Ross
            MacDonald) to solve a blackmail case. Uneventful script and stodgy
            direction, but excellent character work from all the cast members keep
            this watchable. Title is taken from a trap set for Newman, from which he
            must escape using most of his female companion's clothing. Adapted
            from a character created by Ross MacDonald.

                Paul Newman                           Lew Harper

    Joanne Woodward                    Iris Devereaux 
                Anthony Franciosa                    Chief Broussard 
                Murray Hamilton                       Kilbourne 
                Gail Strickland                           Mavis Kilbourne 
                Melanie Griffith                        Schuyler Devereaux 
                Linda Haynes                            Gretchen

    Richard Jaeckel                         Lt. Franks 
                Paul Koslo                                 Candy 
                Joe Canutt                                 Glo 
                Stuart Rosenberg                      Film Director 

1976    Creature from the Black Lake
            Two anthropology students from Chicago travel to the Louisiana swamps
            searching for the creature from Black Lake. Predictably, they find him.
            McClenny, incidentally, is Morgan Fairchild's sister.

    Jack Elam                                   Joe Canton

    Dub Taylor                                 Grandpaw Bridges 
                Dennis Fimple                            Pahoo 
                John David                                 Carson Rives 
                Bill Thurman                              Sheriff Billy Carter 
                Jim McCullough Jr.                     Orville Bridges 
                Roy Tatum                                  Fred/Creature 
                Cathryn Hartt                              Eve (waitress) 
                Becky Smiser                              Becky Carter 
                Michelle Willingham                  Michelle 
                Joy N. Houck Jr.                           Film Director 

Crypt of Dark Secrets

1976    Drum
            This steamy sequel to "Mandingo" deals with the sordid interracial sexual
            shenanigans at a Southern plantation. Bad taste at its best.


    Warren Oates                             Hammond Maxwell

    Isela Vega                                   Marianna 
                Ken Norton                                  Drum 
                Pam Grier                                    Regine 
                Yaphet Kotto                               Blaise 
                John Colicos                                Bernard DeMarigny 
                Fiona Lewis                                 Augusta Chauvet 
                Paula Kelly                                  Rachel 
                Royal Dano                                 Zeke Montgomery 
                Lillian Hayman                            Lucretia Borgia 
                Steve Carver                                Film Director 
                Burt Kennedy                               Film Director 

1976    J. D.'s Revenge
            Attorney in training Glynn Turman is possessed by the spirit of a
            gangster who was murdered on Bourbon Street in the early 1940s and 
            grisly blaxploitation results.  Ever so slightly better than others of the genre.  
            Shot in New Orleans, with a soundtrack by a then-unknown Prince.

    Glynn Turman                         Isaac/'Ike'

    Louis Gossett Jr.                     Reverend Elija Bliss 
                Joan Pringle                            Christella 
                Carl W. Crudup                       Tony 
                James Watkins                       Carl 
                Fred Pinkard                           Theotis Bliss 
                Jo Anne Meredith                   Sara Divine 
                Alice Jubert                             Roberta Bliss/Betty Jo 
                David McKnight                      J.D. Walker 
                Stephanie Faulkner                 Phyllis 
                Arthur Marks                          Film Director



1976    Obsession

Successful New Orleans businessman Michael Courtland's (Cliff
Robertson) tenth wedding anniversary celebration ends tragically when
his wife Elizabeth (Genevieve Bujoid) and their 9-year-old daughter, Amy,
have been kidnapped. In an attempt to trap the criminals, counterfeit
money is used to pay the ransom, but the plan backfires and his wife and
child die in a car accident during a chase with the police. Ten years later
while on a business trip in Italy with La Salle (John Lithgow), his partner,
Michael meets Sandra, a young woman who is an exact double of his
wife. He falls in love with her and brings her back to Louisiana to get
married. Michael's friends and business associates try to discourage his
wedding plans; they realize that Michael is infatuated with Sandra only
because she reminds him of his dead wife Elizabeth. On the eve of their
wedding, she vanishes and Michael finds a ransom note - a duplicate of
the one found ten years earlier.

    Geneviève Bujold         Elizabeth Courtland/Sandra Portinari 
                Cliff Robertson                            Michael Courtland

    John Lithgow                               Robert Lasalle 
                Sylvia Kuumba                             Williams Maid 
                Wanda Blackman                        Amy Courtland 
                J. Patrick McNamara                   Third Kidnapper 
                Stanley J. Reyes                          Inspector Brie 
                Nick Kreiger                                Farber 
                Stocker Fontelieu                        Dr. Ellman 
                Don Hood                                    Ferguson 
                Brian De Palma                           Film Director

1976    Sounder, Part 2
Kevin Hooks, who co-starred in the 1972 screen version of the William H.
Armstrong book, directs this moving adaptation about the son of an
imprisoned black sharecropper who embarks on a journey of self-
discovery while travelling to visit his father. Carl Lumbly, Suzzanne
Douglass and Daniel Lee Robertson III star along with original "Sounder"
cast members Paul Winfield and Cecily Tyson.

     Harold Sylvestor                          Nathan Lee Morgan

     Taj Mahal                                    Ike Phillips 
                 Annazette Chase                         Camille Johnson 
                 Darryl Young                               David Lee Morgan 
                 Erica Young                                 Josie Mae Morgan 
                 Ronald Bowden                           Earl Morgan 
                 William A. Graham                      Film Director 


1976    The Savage Bees (Television Movie)
In this horror-drama the festive fun of the annual Mardi Gras celebration
is brought to a halt when a swarm of African killer bees escape from a
foreign freighter.

     Ben Johnson                                Sheriff Donald McKew

     Michael Parks                              Dr. Jeff DuRand 
                 Paul Hecht                                   Dr. Rufus Carter 
                 Gretchen Corbett                         Jeannie Devereaux 
                 Bruce Geller                                Film Director 


1977    Return to Boggy Creek
This adventure chronicles the compassion of the huge, enigmatic ape-like
creature said to inhabit Boggy Creek. Unlike the other series entries,
which claim to be fact-based, this film is total fiction. The tale is set in a
tiny fishing village near the title tributary. A hurricane is coming and the
town prepares for it. Meanwhile a rumor circulates that a photographer
has captured the mysterious creature, believed to be a mankiller, on film.
This is surprising because the townsfolk believed that the creature
disappeared many years before. The story rouses the curiosity of a few
kids who follow the photographer back into the dark swamp.
Unfortunately, they get trapped by the storm. Fortunately, the "killer"
appears and helps them survive and return to safety.

     Dawn Wells                                 Jolene

     Dana Plato                                   Evie Jo 
     Jim Wilson                                   Uncle Bo 
     Tom Moore                                  Film Director 


1978    A Woman Called Moses (Television Movie)
            A dramatization of the life of the legendary slave who escaped to
            freedom and returned to the
South many times to rescue others via
            her underground railroad.

     Cicely Tyson                                Harriet Ross Tubman

                             Will Geer                                     Thomas Garrett 
                             Robert Hooks                               William Still 
                             James Wainwright                       Andrew Coleman 
                             Paul Wendkos                              Film Director 
1978    All You Need is Cash (Television Movie)

1978    Casey's Shadow
The eight-year-old son of an impoverished horse trainer raises a quarter-
horse and enters it in the world's richest horse race.

     Walter Matthau                           Lloyd Bourdelle

     Alexis Smith                                 Sarah Blue 
                 Robert Webber                            Mike Marsh 
                 Murray Hamilton                         Tom Patterson 
                 Andrew Rubin                              Buddy Bourdelle 
                 Steve Burns                                  Randy Bourdelle 
                 Susan Myers                                Kelly Marsh 
                 Michael Hershewe                      Casey Bourdelle 
                 Harry Caesar                               Calvin Lebec 
                 Joel Fluellen                                Jimmy Judson 
                 Martin Ritt                                   Film Director 


1978    Child of Glass (Television Movie)

1978    French Quarter
A dual story about a young girl in the modern-day French Quarter of New
Orleans who is also the reincarnation of a turn-of-the-century prostitute.
Everyone gets to play two roles but this film is more curiosity than
anything else.

     Virginia Mayo                            Countess Willie Piazza/Ida

     Bruce Davison                           Kid Ross/Inspector Sordik 
                 Alisha Fontaine                         Trudy Dix/Christine Delaplane 
                 Ann Michelle                             Coke-Eyed Laura 
                 Lindsay Bloom                           Big Butt Annie
                 Vernel Bagneris                         Jelly Roll/Policeman 
                 Stocker Fontelieu                       Dr. Miles/Old Man 
                 Becky Allen                                Bricktop 
                 Anna Filamento                          Mme. Papaloos 
                 William Sims                              Aaron Harris/Pimp 
                 Dennis Kane                               Film Director 


1978    Mardi Gras Massacre

1978    Marianna

1978    Murder at the Mardi Gras (Television Movie)

A bubble-brained Philadelphia waitress witnesses a murder during the
Mardi Gras festivities in New Orleans and finds herself stalked by the

     Barbi Benton                              Herself

     Wolfman Jack                            Himself 
                 Ron Silver                                   Larry Cook 
                 Ken Annakin                               Film Director 

1978    Pretty Baby
            In 1917 New Orleans, photographer Ernest J. Bellocq goes to the red-light
            district to document the last days of legal prostitution. At the home of
            Madame Nell, he meets a prostitute named Hattie and her 12-year-old
            daughter, Violet, who is captivated by him. A few months later, when
            Hattie marries and moves away, leaving the Violet behind, Nell is
            preparing to auction off the little girl's virginity and Violet decides that
            she wants to marry Bellocq.

     Brooke Shields                            Violet

     Keith Carradine                           Bellocq 
                 Susan Sarandon                          Hattie 
                 Barbara Steele                            Josephine 
                 Louis Malle                                 Film Director 

1978    Renaldo and Clara

1978    Sparrow (Television Movie)
The exploits of Jerry Sparrow, a private investigator with a large detective
agency in New Orleans. In this second pilot for a potential series, Jerry
attempts to recover the valuable missing bird of a wealthy woman.

                 Randy Herman                            Jerry Sparrow

     Gerald S. O'Loughlin                   Charles Medwick 

     Lillian Gish                                  Mrs. Benet 
                 John Berry                                   Film Director 

1978    Superdome (Television Movie)

A silent killer stalks New Orleans and threatens the Super Bowl football
game, putting a roster fill of familiar TV faces in jeopardy in this mini-
version of "Two Minute Warning."

     David Janssen                             Mike Shelley

     Edie Adams                                 Joyce 
                 Clifton David                               P. K. Jackson 
                 Jerry J. Jameson                          Film Director 


1979    Five Days from Home
            In this thriller, an ex-cop, convicted for killing his wife's lover, breaks out
            of a Louisiana prison six days before he is to be freed. He does this so he
            can see his son who is seriously ill. Along the way, the fugitive meets
            many interesting characters. He is pursued by a cruel, but determined





     George Peppard                           T.M. Pryor
                 Savannah Smith                           Georgie Haskin 
                 Neville Brand                               Inspector Markley 
                 Sherry Boucher                             Wanda Dulac 
                 Victor Campos                              Jose Stover 
                 George Peppard                           Film Director 

1979    Screams of a Winter Night

1979    The Night Rider (Television Movie)
"The Mark of Zorro" was updated for this pilot for a prospective series
that tells of a New Orleans gentleman who turns masked rider to fight for
law and order and avenge his family's killing by four men who wanted
their silver mine.

                 David Selby                                  Lord Thomas Earl

     Kim Cattrall                                  Regina Kenton 
     Pernell Roberts                            Alex Sheridan 
     Hy Averback                                 Film Director 


1979    The Evictors

A young couple just being married rents a house in a village in Louisiana.
But they are not welcome because the inhabitants of the village look at
them with distrust - in the house they rented were happening strange
things in the past

                 Vic Morrow                                   Jake Rudd

     Michael Parks                              Ben Watkins 
     Jessica Harper                             Ruth Watkins 
     Charles B. Pierce                         Film Director 

1980    Macabro

1980    The Baltimore Bullet
            Two men make their living traveling through the country as pool hustlers,
            bilking would-be pool sharks. Features ten of the greatest pool players in
            the world.

                            James Coburn                                Nick Casey

    Omar Sharif                                   The Deacon 
                Bruce Boxleitner                            Billie Joe Robbins 
                Ronee Blakley                               Carolina Red 
                Jack O'Halloran                             Max 
                Calvin Lockhart                              Snow White 
                Michael Lerner                              Paulie 
                Paul Barselou                                Cosmo 
                Cisse Cameron                              Suger 
                Robert Acey                                   Cab Driver 
                Robert Ellis Miller                          Film Director 

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